Workshop’s and Training

‘The Simonne Lee Method’

Wanting to communicate with the animals in your life is such a precious skill that we all have the ability to learn. We already knew how to do this as children, so all we’re doing is remembering how to communicate through energy.

You may be choosing to step into a career as an Animal Communicator, working with animals and their family deepening that bond and dare I say it ‘falling in love’ with each other even more! To see families and their animals sharing the love and expressing how they feel towards each other is simply magic. And to do this as a profession, is a passion.

There are 4 Levels + an Online Course to choose from:

Online Animal Communication

Online Animal Communication

Course for Beginner’s

Start talking with your pets from our very first workshop!

Animal Communication for Beginners Workshop

Friends and Family

Stepping into the Professional Animal Communication World as a Practitioner

Animal Communication + Healing

Professional Practitioner Level

Working with Reiki healing energy for animals!

Animal Healing Reiki

Professional Practitioner Level

Global accreditation

‘The Simonne Lee Method’ is in collaboration with the ‘International Energetic Healing Association’ for all students that complete and graduate from the Diploma Professional – Practitioner level with immediate recognition, membership and discounts on insurance, world-wide. You’re always supported stepping into your Profession!


Simonne Lee Method gives
one on one mentoring as you
complete your ‘live’ case
studies to gain experience and confidence in your skills...

as a Professional Animal Communicator Practitioner. This is where it gets exciting.


This global level of training
supports all students moving
into the Profession of Animal Communication + Healing and
Animal Healing on a ...

 World-Wide platform. Whilst maintaining a high level standard for all Practitioners adhering to ‘The Simonne Lee Method’ Code of Ethics. Keeping a high standard for you, your sessions and your clients! ​


Once all Practitioner Levels are
completed, there is an ‘exclusive’
group for Practitioner’s only.
You get to share your
experiences and access ...

to constant support whilst staying up to date with the latest methods and opportunities.​