Animal Communication for Beginner’s Level 1


Connecting Animals & Humans together!

Over 2 x Saturdays
27th Aug & 3rd Sept
9.30am – 12pm AEST Sydney, Australia

Time in your location

Is your pet trying to tell you something?
Maybe you want to ask them a question or two?

Or are ready to step into your pet’s world and find a whole new way to love them even more?

If you are, then buckle up and get ready ‘cause you’re about to find out a whole lot more about yourself and your pet!

Over two Saturday mornings, Level 1 teaches you how to connect to your pet through energy. Just a you can feel how much your pet loves you (well they better lol), you’ll learn how to deepen this connection and just expand it to allow so much more love and joy in.


Here’s what we cover over the 2 days:


Day 1

✔️ Understand what Animal Communication is and isn’t

✔️ Learn your Primary Sense Modality

✔️ 4 Steps to managing your energy

✔️ How to link into animals

✔️ Send a message

✔️ Receive a message

Day 2

✔️ Practice linking into animals

✔️ How to write out your questions to ask your pet

✔️ Practice sending and receiving messages

✔️ Connect and communicate with 4+ animals

✔️ Learn a Simple Body Scanning Method

Groups are kept small and intimate so everyone gets a turn AND we get to have some fun together.

You’ll receive an e workbook + meditations to use in your own home and not just for animal communication but anytime you want to ground or work with your own energy.

What’s required from you:

🐾   an open mind & ready to utilise your imagination

🐾   a photo of your pet

that’s with you now, if you don’t have a pet right now, that’s ok too!

🐾  pen & paper

🐾  ready to play

If you have any questions or want just that bit more detail, please email and I’ll answer away

Level 1 – $350

Or join with a friend for $310 each

Level 1 – $350

or join with a friend for $310