Friends and Family

Start talking with your pets from our very first workshop!

Level 1 is an entry level into Animal Communication, learning the basics for having a deeper connection and getting an insight into your pet. You can complete your Level 1 – 1 Day Workshop or 2 x 2.5hr Virtual Online. You can also go straight into Level 4 – Animal Reiki if choose and continue to learn to work with your energy, create a conversation and learn the simple art of healing with Reiki.

*You can jump straight to Level 4 – Reiki I (and you can start nurturing yourself, your pet and family) after completing Level 1

THE Animal communication method CODE OF ETHICS

for Family and Friends Animal Communication


Students must always be asking permission from animal and owner to connect.


Students must act with consideration and sensitivity towards the animals and their owners when relaying information. Be able to give a verbal explanation of what they are doing.


Maintaining a level of being centred and grounded on a regular daily basis.


Understanding that Animal Communication is not about diagnosing or prescribing medication.


All physical injuries and health issues are referred to their regular veterinarian professional.


Understanding that we are able to describe feelings, pain levels and location of injury or pain felt by the animal. That we may share this information with owner and/or vet.


We translate exactly what animal is communicating (not a psychic reading).


If you are ungrounded and uncentred, you will refrain from any type of communication with the animal.


If you are unable to communicate or not sure of what the animal is saying, you will stop may check in with Facebook Group to gain more insight


Enjoy the process of communicating with each animal.