ANIMAL Communication

Is having that deeper connection and understanding with your pet and gaining insight to what’s happening in their world.

Most of us already communicate with our pets, we watch their behaviour and are able to read their body language, sounds and even get a feeling of what’s going on for them. Animal Communication takes it that step further.


Through Animal Communication, Simonne is able to communicate with your pet in a free flowing conversation. The method that Simonne uses is through a deep connection using the 5 senses as the process of communicating simultaneously.

Simonne is able to exchange feelings, sensations, tastes, smells, thoughts, images and what she calls ‘short movies’ of their experiences.

Animal Communication is helpful with assisting problems such as:

  • Changed behaviour
  • Moving home
  • Additions to the family – human and animal kind
  • Changes in family dynamics – even different flatmates
  • Animal health
  • Going on holidays
  • Death in the family – human and animal kind
  • Separation anxiety
  • Stress in the household
  • Vet assistance
  • Communicating with pets deceased


Simonne believes that animals have an important role in the family dynamics and the planet. Being able to know their thoughts and understand them better can have an incredible impact on the family.

Simonne is available for Talks and Appearances at Events, please enquire.

Animal Communication Sessions

Email per Pet
3 Questions


6 Questions


Extra Pets (2 questions – up to 3 pets in total)
Zoom / Skype / Facetime
30 minute Call


45 minute Call


At Home in Person (within 15km)