Animal Healing Reiki

Professional Practitioner Level

Working with Reiki healing energy for animals!

In this training, we focus on the energetic healing side when working with animals. Learning the basic level of Animal Communication as well as the simple method of body scanning to assist you with your skills in Animal Reiki healing – Reiki.

Animal Healing – Reiki allows you to support and nurture animals as well as work out the location of pain and pain levels. It’s a wonderful skill and modality to support any other work you may do with animals. There are 3 levels to step into the Practitioner Level with each level as a 1 Day Training in person or 2 x 2.5hr Online Training with Level 10 being optional (4 Levels).

• All students training to become a Practitioner will complete a minimum of 4 case studies as part of their assessment to complete Professional Levels.

• Once training is completed, you will receive Practitioner Level Certification in The Animal Communication Method of Animal Healing Reiki and Global Accreditation with IEHA.

Levels 1,2,4, 8 and 10 (optional) to be completed for this level of training


for Professional Animal Communication


As a Professional Animal Communicator, I will conduct all of my sessions with integrity and in a professional manner.


I will always seek permission from the owners to have a session with their animal.


I will conduct my sessions with consideration and sensitivity towards the animals and their owners in relaying all information.


I will only consult with clients where I have the correct level of expertise and knowledge to assist them. Anything beyond my abilities I will offer to withdraw and refer to the appropriate professionals for further guidance.


When working with animals and their physical issues, I will make it clear that as a Professional Animal


Communicator, we do not diagnose any health condition or prescribe medication. We are able to assist with describing emotional matters, pain level and location to assist their own veterinary careers. All physical health issues are referred back to their vet.


I fully hold and have the utmost respect for each client’s privacy and confidentiality.


My aim is to assist in creating a resolution and ongoing plan of action where needed to meet both animal and owner’s requests.


I am fully aware of knowing the difference of when I’m communicating with an animal or using my intuition. I make this very clear to each and every client when relaying information. Prior to any session, I will advise owners of the process and expectations of any Animal Communication session.


I will maintain a professional level and ongoing development of skills.