The Loud Talker


For pets on hyper alert mode inside and outside the home. Playing this regularly for them will teach your pet their new habits and role within the home.

Introduction included

Pet Hypnosis downloads can support your pets in their everyday life and challenges. A simple yet effective method that allows your pet to learn and understand how to release stress that may be occurring in their life.

Each Pet Hypnosis addresses different topics on an energetic level with binaural beats imbedded in the music, whilst communicating with your pet.

The more your pet listens to each specific Pet Hypnosis on a regular basis, the easier it is for them to move through the particular challenge they may be experiencing.

These Pet Hypnosis downloads are suitable for any pet in your life: Dogs, Cats, Birds, Snakes, Fish, Ferrets, Mice and the list goes on.

*Please note – Do not play whilst driving or operating any machinery.



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